Sunday, August 05, 2007

Time for hobbies and interests?

I'm getting towards that part of life when maybe, just maybe, I can see the time coming when I may have a little more time and money to pursue some other interests. Daughter is now working (I think she has turned out pretty well - biased though I be!), and maybe things won't all be directed to mortgages, bills, and raising one's family - those of course have to be the major priority while you have those responsibilities. But, maybe, there might be some time in the sun around the corner.

So what to do. I remain interested in books and movies, (even have some screenplays partly written), shooting. There is the 'net, which I probably devote way too much time to. But I'd also like to get into some other things - like ham radio, old valve gear (like valve/tube radios and guitar amps), clocks (especially marine chronometers), planes and flying (love to build a small plane- a Flybaby or one of these). The list is seemingly endless. There are lots of old cars, of various marques I like, and I have a soft spot for Ducatis (thought haven't owned a bike for years).

Ah, the possiblities. Decisions, decisions.

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