Sunday, July 22, 2007

Up early 'Deathly Hallows' release day.

Daughter had us up early Saturday, it was the global release of the new Harry Potter book.

She's been devouring (only word for it really) each book on it's release since the first one (when she was about 8). She was already an avid reader, but that series of books really cemented her love for books. As it has done for millions of kids around the world it seems. She knew even at 8 the difference between fiction and non-fiction, fact and fantasy. Those with concerns on religious grounds shouldn't worry either, IMHO.

Overall, a very positive influence. I've even seen each of the movies with her, also good entertainment.

She's reading the book at every available spare moment. no spoilers here, but there was one anguished outburst when she found out early on that something bad happened to a favourite 'character'. Clearly a good read, (based on observations alone).

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