Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Avalon Airshow, 2007.

I was fortunate enough to get good tickets to the 2007 Avalon Airshow and 'Exposition'.

Absolutely awesome! One of, if not THE best airshows I've been to (and that's a few).

Probably the Greatest Living Aviator was there - Chuck Yeager. (I had seen Chuck once before up close. He brought 2 F-15s over to an air show/demonstration at Laverton in 1976 - he was a serving Brigadier-General still at that stage).
The fast jets were great, but for me, the most impressive display was the C-17. For the sheer size of the aircraft, that pilot made it seem so agile. VERY impressive routine. (No, that's not me with Chuck - merely the best photo I could find).

More images courtesy of the RAAF here.

Have a look at Steve's piccies.

There was so much there. Love that old Connie (Constellation), there were F-111s, F-18s, Hercs, C-17, Hawks, Caribous from the RAAF. A C27J (Italian I think). US C-17 display (of course, as noted) and F-16 and F-15. Super Hornet (we are getting a couple of squadrons of those!). A B52 (a 'BUFF') did a couple of passes. Many warbirds (Daks DC-3/C-47) Harvards, P-51, Spitfire - the list goes on.


(Update 30-3-07 We are featured on Club Troppo's Missing Links! Thanks CT, Thanks Vee! - and welcome to visitors from CT).



Anonymous vee said...

Congratulations on making it to Club Troppo's Missing Link.

Thursday, March 29, 2007 6:53:00 pm  
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