Monday, February 26, 2007

Latest Movies and DVDs I've seen.

Yesterday, went and saw 'The Good Shepherd'at the movies, and daughter had given me 'Kenny' as a present (much appreciated - she's just started working and she gives her parents presents!).

Kenny, (a 'mockumentary' daughter called it), was original, amusing, and uplifting. Recommended.

'Good Shepherd', worth seeing, but hardly uplifting, or even representative of both sides of the reality of the Cold War. It's about the origins of the CIA, and one 'operative' in it (and the OSS before that). It was OK, not great, just OK. The movie was at great pains to point out the 'darkness within' the principle character, and the CIA as an entity. It did nothing to illustrate the much darker soul that was the KGB and NKVD (I wonder if the writers/director ever heard of Beria, for example).

This graph (from Tim Blair's site), gives a good indication of root causes;
Note that the Soviet Union 'fell' in ~1989. Notice also the dramatic reduction in world conflicts that immediately followed.

There is a new threat now. Wonder what we would see if we graphed that effect?

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