Sunday, February 25, 2007

Keep on blogging

Isn't that a great picture? Worth a thousand words. I saw it somewhere, then had to find it again via a 'net search. Many have picked up on it, including PBS, here. Seems to originate here.

They say bloggers can be sorted into two camps. 'Thinkers' and 'Linkers'. If you read much of this blog, I believe it must be pretty obvious which of the two I gravitate towards. Linking helps, but nothing is more boring than just echoing the thoughts of others.

LGF (probably the foremost conservative blog in the world), linked to this story on blogging.

To cut to the chase that 'Army of Davids' can and do make a difference. From breaking new news, to floating new ideas, to just 'keeping the bastards honest' (meaning oversight of the MSM - the main stream media), blogging is a phenomenon that will have far reaching influence. (It's NOT something you are likely to see places like Myanmar, North Korea, or China ever let loose).

PS. Nicole at Debate and Relate has linked to us here, Thanks and welcome D&Rers.



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