Sunday, March 04, 2007

Some questions asked. Multiculturalism and culture clash.

I was pointed towards an interesting article by Miranda Devine in todays 'Sun Herald';

"If you find it difficult to understand how a home-grown al-Qaeda-trained terrorist such as David Hicks has acquired sacred cow status in Australia, or why community concern about Muslim gang-rapists targeting non-Muslim teenage girls in western Sydney was dismissed by academics as "moral panic", it helps to read the book Londonistan by Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips...."

And she makes some interesting points;

"...She identified a "lethal confusion, not just in Britain but throughout the West, in which people who claimed to be progressive and liberal were actually promoting the very opposite. As we could see in Britain when so-called progressives, committed to causes like gay rights and anti-racism, marched shoulder to shoulder alongside Islamists who believed in death to gays and the subjugation of Jews and Christians."...

"...Phillips is at pains to distinguish between those moderate Muslims who "merely draw upon Islam for spiritual sustenance" and those who despise the West and believe in the ideal of Islamic world domination. But she says the West is under threat from a "pincer movement" of terrorism and cultural pressure from within, in which its own liberal values and traditions of tolerance are being used as weapons by its enemies..."...

"...she warned that countries such as Britain and Australia which persisted with a form of multiculturalism which placed more value on minority values than those of the host nation, effectively abandoned young Muslims and made them more vulnerable to "predatory jihadis".

"For if there is no longer an overarching culture, there is nothing into which minorities can integrate."

I made some allied points here.

I wonder at the left. Womens issues. Gay rights. They are core dogma in the domestic sphere for the 'progressives'. But so is multiculturalism. Here we see one of the leading 'nodes' of multiculuralism - the need to be tolerant of the Islamic culture - no matter how intolerant it is of say, women's rights and homosexuality. Clash with other core 'principles' of 'progressive' ideology. How can such clear conflicts co-exist? They just seem to pretend that no such conflict exists. Clearly, it does.


(Hat tip - Mark).


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