Sunday, November 23, 2008

Disparate thoughts.

I haven't blogged much lately - for a few reasons. In no particular order some of them are;

A bit depressed about the outcome of the US elections. I wish the new President well, and I hope he at least doesn't make the current financial mess worse, and I hope he can confront some of the may challenges that must be faced, like Iran, China, Russia. Al Quaeda and the Taliban.

Have been watching the current world financial mess make a similar mess of my Super - (retirement savings). Early retirement is looking increasingly remote now.

Lot's to do work wise before we can have a Christmas break, very busy.

And bluntly, have a case of Bloggers block. Hope to get over that soon.

Plans. Trying to get some other writing done (I've had a screenplay under way for ages, - but Bloggers block and Writers block seem to be pretty much the same thing).

I'm taking more interest in some other hobbies as well of late. Hobbyist radio for a start - Thinking of maybe sitting for my Ham licence. Next year, I'm thinking of maybe doing some tech/uni work, to upgrade my quals a little.

I have been checking my usual haunts/friends sites;
Looks like Peter's retirement was short lived. His skills are obviously still valued.
C... err pumuckl is back 'home' after a short spell in Georgia.
Alex has some great photos on his site.

And I note we have a fight brewing here in Oz over internet censorship.

Til next time (and soon) - Phil.



Anonymous Vee said...

You shouldn't be depressed about the US elections. Your inner libertarian should be glad that the US got rid of a conservative, arguably a neoconservative unless you are one of the ones that conflate the old fusion alliance of libertarianism and conservatism as the same things these days.

Even in the US, like Australia a liberal (Labor) is more likely to implement libertarian policies than a conservative one.

In regards to super and work, at least you have the super and can find work. If possible take your super out and put it a bonus saver account in the bank (its safer)

I wish the xmas break was over all ready so I could try and get back out there into the workplace.

I gave up on various writings in public places due to writers block and everyone being an ass.

And I've stopped blogging. You've got work, family and money, not as much as you would have with the GFC but at least you have some.

You've got nothing to be depressed about.

Friday, November 28, 2008 4:55:00 pm  
Anonymous Phil said...

You are right Vee, it's good to get a reality check occasionally.

I wish things were going better for you than it sounds like they are.

Please feel invited to drop me a line if you so wish at flintknapper_344 at hottmaile dot kom

Friday, November 28, 2008 6:30:00 pm  

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