Saturday, August 30, 2008

Visitor to Sydney - USS John S McCain

Interesting visitor to Sydney - the USS John S McCain. Shares a name with the current GOP candidate for the US Presidency, but is in fact named after his father and grandfather - both career US Navy officers.

The visit commemorated the US 'Great White Fleet' Visit 100 years ago;
" mark the 100th anniversary of the Great White Fleet - the US Navy's first voyage around the world.

The original fleet lost 300 sailors to the harbour city the first time round, when they jumped ship to stay put in the relatively new nation of Australia.

The armada of 16 US battleships and 14,000 men was sent around the globe by former US president Theodore Roosevelt between December 16, 1907 until February 22, 1909..."

[SMH 20Aug08] [Images from 'Wikipedia']

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