Monday, March 17, 2008


The world is seeing things happening in Tibet (they have been for ~50 years, it's just a bit more obvious currently). Just like we've seen things happen in Burma a short while ago, and Zimbabwe. Like the world saw things happen in Rwanda, or the former Yugoslavia. Like things continue to happen in the Congo.

Will the world, be it collectively, individually, or by it's 'representatives' in the UN do anything to help the Tibetan people?

I'll wager No. Sadly, in the world of Realpolitik, China's size as a trading partner, and it's growing presence on the world stage will mean a few tut-tuts, and frowns, but probably not much else.

Is that right? How can it be? The larger question though, is how can humanity's collective conscience, and disapproval of all that goes on that is bad - in Tibet, Burma, North Korea, Zimbabwe (and Goodness knows what else where we are prevented from seeing) - be brought into play to change for the better.

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