Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Flat Jet, Friday Fat Jet (plus vid links).

Some like cars, bikes, or boats. But, IMHO, planes are the ultimate big boy's toy. A Top Fueler pass may be one of life's experiences, and ZZTop nice n loud is pretty good.

But there just isn't anything that can quite compare to a fast jet, low, on full AB.

These photos, again, some of Alex's great work. (Now 4 C-17s on the hardstand as I understand it. Thats 250, 500, 750, 1 billion dollars worth of aluminium lined up in a row!).

As promised, some vid links;

An F-111 doing some party tricks (New Year's eve (I think). And Evans range.

This is a nice little compendium. (Knuckleheads behaving ba... er normally).

And Something for Peter and pumuckl (the Swiss,interestingly, fly much the same aircraft Australia does - F/A-18s, and we used to fly Mirages).

And just to show that other than western air forces fly fast too.

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