Sunday, February 17, 2008

India's TATA launches $2500 car.

India's TATA car-maker has unveiled a new car for the Indian motorist. Aimed at the expanding Indian middle class. (India has a billion people).

The Tata Nano. Rear engine, 623cc, 4.5l/100km, and under USD$2500 (Euro1700, AUD2800).

The Chinese also are getting mobile, with cars like the Chery and Geely.

Many in the first world are already tut-tutting about the way this will speed up scarce oil usage and climate change. But really - that is elitism and hypocrisy. Why do westerners have some sort of right to big passenger cars and 4WDs, yet the same drivers of these cars frown at the developing world getting even basic personal transport.

Doesn't matter what those people think, it's happening anyway.

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