Monday, January 28, 2008

Movies we've seen. 'I am Legend' and 'Charlie Wilson's War'.

Two movies we've seen lately. 'I am Legend' with Will Smith a weekend ago, and 'Charlie Wilson's War' yesterday, stars Tom Hanks, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Julia Roberts.

1. 'Legend was OK. Worth the time and money to see, and had a useful comment to make on the perils of genetic engineering and what I will call 'science without oversight', and it's pitfalls (an example is Australia's Cane Toad problem).
(I recall a similar movie starring Charlton Heston - 'Omega Man').

Entertaining, with 'useful issue raised', 3.5 out of 5.

2. 'Charlie Wilson's War' was excellent. Strong performances from 3 actors (Hanks, Roberts. and an excellent one from the lesser known? Philip Seymour Hoffman - who plays Gust Avrakotos - THAT's an interesting yarn too!).

Surprisingly, it's a true story. That of Congressman (ie US House of Representatives) Charlie Wilson and his leadership of the support program for the Mujahideen against the Soviet forces in Afghanistan. (c1980 - this is way before 9/11 - and helped lead to the downfall of the USSR).
Quote fom the movie; "...A boy is given a horse on his 14th birthday. Everyone in the village says, 'Oh how wonderful.' But a Zen master who lives in the village says, 'We shall see.' The boy falls off the horse and breaks his foot. Everyone in the village says, 'Oh how awful.' The Zen master says, 'We shall see.' The village is thrown into war and all the young men have to go to war. But, because of the broken foot, the boy stays behind. Everyone says, 'Oh, how wonderful.' The Zen master says, 'We shall see.'...".
Recommended 4.5+ out of 5.

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