Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pearls found while surfing by...

Sometimes I just do a random search on the 'net, and then let the links from those sites that I find just take me on a tour through the world's greatest library, the internet, to see what I find.

I found a little circle of Aussie bloggers, many of the feminine persuasion (and Aussie girls tend to be very forthright, independent types). Each of them is worth a visit, however the pearl was in a link, a twin brother of one of the ladies maybe, but that is not clear. His twin sister had written a poem to their Mum, who had suffered Alzheimer's. (Alzheimer's - sometimes called 'the long goodbye' President Reagan died of it).

Please go here to read the text, a part of it says;

"I remember you with my heart
My mind won’t say your name
I can’t recall where I knew you...

...There’s something wrong with my memory
But I do know you
I know I knew you
And I do love you
I know how you make me feel
I remember the feelings we had together.
My heart remembers..."
(From: 'Heart Memories' by Louise M Eder).

Good writing, poetry in particular, can make you ponder and reflect. Perhaps more so when you get into your middle years.
Possibly you have lost one or both parents. You have had a few of life's trials an tribulations visit you. Maybe you have nursed a spouse (or been nursed) through some tough times. There's the ups and down of your working life.

And sometimes, someone shares some pearls of wisdom and experience with the world (if the world cares to listen). And we can all grow a little for having shared our experiences.

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Anonymous michaelm said...

Thanks so much for the link.
This poem was sent to me by my sister and I found it to be a source of comfort and felt it should be shared.
Thanks again.


Monday, January 28, 2008 1:19:00 am  

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