Friday, January 18, 2008

The Front Lines in the defence of Free Speech

I first saw reference to this at the Samizdata blog.

Like Australia, Canada has 'Human Rights Commissions'. A Canadian publisher, and public commentator by the name of Ezra Levant has become the subject of a complaint before one of these commissions.

Now, you would think that a Human Rights commission would actually stand for the protection of peoples Rights. Things like equality before the law, and such basic entitlements as Free Speech.

It seems not. The complaint against Ezra was as a result of him engaging in full and open debate, and in practicing his duties as a publisher to inform the public.

I urge you to go to his site. Read the history, understand the background, and then either read the transcripts or watch the YouTube clips.

In my opinion, this gentleman is making a principled defence of the 3 of the basic foundations of a Free Society - Free Speech, Open Debate, and Freedom of the Press.

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