Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New blog listing - 'Labor Watch!'.

You will see listed on the 'Blog Roll', a new site; 'Labor Watch', which has as it's aim;
"The Federal Election held on 24th November, 2007 was won by the Rudd led Australian Labor Party(ALP). This gave Australia wall to wall governments where the only Liberal in a position of power, is the Lord Mayor of Brisbane which is stacked by the ALP. The role of "Labor Watch!" is to monitor the wall to wall Labor Government to hold them responsible for their mismanagement.".
Whatever your political leanings, I believe that scrutiny and questioning of politicians and parties is a healthy thing.

A pity we don't have more of the tools of Direct Democracy to 'keep the bastards honest'. Specifically Initiative and Recall (we have Referendum). (And a better 4th estate - the media - to aid transparency in the political process whilst we are at it).

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