Thursday, November 29, 2007

Guest Poster.

I asked Daughter to consider doing a guest post for the blog, and she has kindly done so, Here 'tis;
"Hello Practicality Readers! The Daughter here, guest blogging.

I’m lucky that I got to vote less than two weeks after I turned 18. It was almost like having an introduction to adulthood in one day, seeing as you don’t usually feel any older on your birthday.

As we were getting ready to leave, I was excited. I have been reminded, especially in the past weeks, that our country is one of only six in the world to have continuously held the right to vote since 1900. That is something I have been taught to value, and I do.

Dad let me choose which polling booth we would go to - I chose my old primary school, which we noted as a nice touch of sentimentality; of growing up. The school had changed slightly, with new additions and expansions, but it was still very much as I remember it, and I remember it fondly.

We had been discussing my voting ‘technique’, and while Dad was careful to never tell me who to vote for, I got a few pointers on policies and other important things like that which were very helpful. Also, I was briefed (ahem) on the intricacies of the preferential voting system. Perhaps not necessary, but interesting all the same.

We went into the Hall, numbered the little boxes exactly as we saw fit, sent our ballots off, and I made a mental note that this was my opinion being valued. Often when thinking about how I would vote, I said to myself that, really, my one vote out of 13 million wasn’t going to count for a whole lot. But, that’s entirely not the point. This is an individuals opportunity to have their say and be counted. Voting with the mindset that your contribution is important and valued is the point.

The actual voting was over quickly, but I was happy to stand for a minute after putting my ballot papers in the boxes. There were people rushing past, just wanting to get the process over with, but I’m happy to say that on Saturday I recognised that I had a right, to exercise responsibly, to cherish. And that’s what I did.".


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