Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oz Election - from the outside.

Found this interesting snip in 'The Australian';
"...Rowan Callick, watched the election with Chinese officials, and their amazement at what happened on Saturday night is revealing. As Callick reported yesterday, Chinese diplomats were agog at the very idea of a government being turfed out overnight and were fascinated at the civility of the leaders. They were amazed that outgoing prime minister Mr Howard had the dignity to address the people in the face of such a crushing defeat and at the generosity of Kevin Rudd's acceptance speech. Whatever their political views, all Australians should be proud of the exemplary way in which the elections were conducted. Indeed, watching the controlled chaos caused by 13 million random acts of democracy, seeing senior ministers put out of a job and newcomers triumph, resonates deeply with the Australian psyche. But it is more than that. It ensures that passing legislation, whatever its merits, is not enough. Governments must be able to take voters along with them. Even a government such as Mr Howard's, in the rare position of holding a majority in both houses of parliament, did not have unfettered power. In the end it was answerable at the ballot box, where judgment was merciless..."
Nor was this the only interest shown, now or in the past. More here for election tragics.
[ 'Political Compass' -worth visiting]

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