Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dogs and Cats - part of the human family?

How many of us had a dog as a family pet when growing up? I had an all but inseparable companion in a small 'bitza' dog named Sam. And if you separate humans into 'dog' and 'cat' people, I would have said I was with the former.

But the fact is that both species are very much a part of the human family, and often a cat or dog is very much an integral part of a human family. Fed, groomed, petted, talked to and about, mourned when they pass. Remembered.

Perhaps we should reflect on a truth - that we as a species would not be where we are today without the symbiotic relationship we have with our furry friends - cats, dogs - and horses are in that group too.

Cats have been with us since we started storing grain (there was no other sort of vermin control back then). Dogs, even longer, when they became hunting partners many millenia ago. Horses were long our main source of power (horsepower) and transport.
I have developed a fondness for cats over the past few years, and a theory that cats get on better with humans than with cats. We have a lovely (quite fat) puss name of Claudia, who is an inside cat, and in theory at least, another - 'Barbara' - but she has decided to adopt an older neighbour who lives on her own as her human - cats are like that.

We (humans) like them, they like us, and we would be the poorer for it without our furry friends, and probably still huddled in rough shelters somewhere were it not for the fruits of a truly symbiotic relationship, a win-win for each species in the extended human family.


Blogger pumuckl said...

we do have one cat here in our house in Afghanistan, or rather outside... in all stress management booklets and staff about so called "hardship duty stations", they tell you to keep a pet if possible. and some of the most peaceful hours are indeed when you play or relax with your pet...

btw, why I put hardship dutystation in brackets: I find life here almost easier than at home... most of the things are being taken care of by various personnel, you have some precious private space in your room, some precious social events, but nothing is too much. I know that others dont like it that much, but I really think you just need to keep up the spirit and take care of your body - then you are doing fine.

Saturday, February 03, 2007 11:22:00 pm  
Anonymous Justin said...

That indeed is true! I simply love my pets.. They are nothing less than my relatives... Infact it is they who make my family, and completes it

Thursday, February 08, 2007 5:17:00 pm  

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