Sunday, August 06, 2006

Truth, the first casualty of war.

In the War on Terror in Lebanon currently, one thing I find very strange in the coverage is this;

Hezbollah (and Hamas from Gaza) can fire rockets that target Israeli civilians in particular, and that seems to be OK by much of the world's media. They can use suicide bombers whose aim is to cause the maximum amount of civilian casualties possible. The world's media bends over backwards to 'understand' their motivation.

Yet when Israel fights back, targeting Hezbollah, but inadvertently also hitting Lebanese civilians (because Hezbollah shelters amongst those civilians), that is far from OK by them. Dual standards clearly apply.

In the war the Israelis are waging against Hezbollah, and terror, I fear Truth has become the first casualty of that war. The bias shown by much of the main stream media is mindboggling.

It seems Reuters has been caught out supplying doctored images from Lebanon (hat tip LGF and L & R).

Questions have been raised as to how the Qana tragedy seem to have been stage managed for maximum media impact. (It could be noted that very little similarly heart-rending coverage is given to the Israeli civilian victims of this war.

Truth is a casualty of this war. Perhaps we should remember who the original aggressors actually were?

Bottom line is that Israel has the right to defend herself, and should have the right for her citizens to be free of rocket attacks, suicide bombers and other acts of terror, just as any other nation should and does take for granted.


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