Sunday, July 09, 2006


If you can have Francophiles, Germanophiles, and Anglophiles, what should we call those nice people who are fans of Australia? Austrophiles? Or maybe Strinophiles (an Ocker accent is sometimes referred to as talking 'Strine - Australian).

Charles Krauthammer is the latest to burst into print on the subject, in a piece called 'Why I Love Australia' (it must be said that there is a little more to the Gillard story than he apparently knows about though).

Bill Bryson is also a fan. An American living in Britain, he has written several entertaining books, including one on his experiences in Australia. He also covered the 2000 Sydney Olympics for 'The Times', probably the UK's premier newspaper.

Then there is Mark Steyn. He's written plenty of articles on Australia, including this one.

It's very nice to have supporters, and there is much Australia should be proud of. There is also much that could be improved.

But it is nice to have friends.


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