Saturday, July 15, 2006

War on Terror. Mumbai, India gets hit.

Tuesday, July 11th; 'Mumbai bloodied by blasts but back at work', Reuters, July 12th 2006.

Terrorists have hit India, not for the first time. Mumbai joins the ranks of those targeted by (apparently) organisations who at least have some common underpinnings. India joins the USA (9/11), Spain, the UK (7/7), Australia (Bali) as a terrorist target. But the story behind the Mumbai, and earlier attacks is a little different.

The 'progressives', ie the left, tell us that the US, UK, Australia 'deserved' terror attacks because of their support for Israel, or involvement on the War on Terror, or any of a number of other reasons which really boil down to those entities rejection of an Islamic/Arab wish list. Or some say it's just a product of the antipathy such organisations feel towards The West, it's economic success and values.

But India? Is not involved in the War on Terror, not an ally of Israel, not in direct conflict in the middle east (though there are problems with it's Islamic neighbour Pakistan, which may yeild some clues). It isn't a first-world country in a socio-economic sense - though it's prosperity and economic power is growing.

So. Why hit India? I suggest, because it is a big economy, growing, Hindu (ie not Islamic, and in that sense, to radical Islam, even lower in their estimation than the 'people of the book' - Jews and Christians), and a threat to an Islamic 'brother' nation - Pakistan.
Whatever else this attack does, it puts paid to the suggestion that disengaging from the War on Terror, from the middle east, not supporting Israel, and the other things, will take you off the target list.
No, this is a war waged by those who have no place in their world view for any other than themselves, or their minions.

(With apologies to Star Trek and the Borg) those are giving the nations of the world a choice, with only 2 options 'Resist [ie Fight] or risk being assimilated'.

Where does this end? I don't see it ending well, I see it ending in war, for there seems to be no possibility of compromise, or that they will leave 'the West', or for that matter, any nation or culture differing from their own political-religeous beliefs alone and in peace.

(It may well be worth doing a quick tally here. The Muslim world has a population of at least 1.1 billion, with some sources suggesting much more. If they view the Anglosphere as their main opponents, then we number about 450 million (US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, Ireland) - however there is also an enormous technological and military disparity to take into account. Include India's population as allies of that Anglosphere (it IS a Commonwealth country) and the balance tips overwhelmingly in our favour. Should war come, it would become, in Churchill's words; an exercise in "the proper application of overwhelming force".
Maybe they should think in those terms before getting too adventurous).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

India can be considered inclined to Israel. ( I am indian saying that )
coz we are fed up with these moslems, trying to blow up everything.

Thursday, September 21, 2006 12:08:00 pm  
Blogger Phil said...

That's quite understandable.

Do you see India being comfortable with a larger alliance of the senior Commonwealth countries and the US? (The Anglosphere + friends). I'd much sooner see India zoom ahead than China - or the Islamic bloc.

Imagine what a military and economic power that would be.

Friday, September 22, 2006 8:12:00 pm  

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