Sunday, August 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Switzerland!

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An important day has passed, and I missed it! As covered by Peter here, August the 1st is Switzerland's National Day (like Jan 26th for Australia, or July 4th for the USA).

Switzerland has a fascinating history, and a noble one. The Swiss have never been expansionists like the French under Napoleon, or the Germans (with the responsibility for 2 world wars and the holocaust in their past), nor have they tried to force an ideology on the world, like Russia/the USSR, and arguably China did/do. Instead, Switzerland has been an "oasis of peace and prosperity" especially during the last 2 'world wars' and most of her history.

They may not have the resounding words of Jefferson's Declaration of Independence, but "Actions speak louder than words" and the Swiss backed their love of freedom and independence with action, not least by their enviable model, that example of the potent tool for maintaining a country's sovereignty and freedom - the militia based defence, but also with a steadfast commitment to what I will call "the participatory democracy". The Swiss entrust and empower their citizenry in a way that leads the world, and which the rulers of countries like China, Zimbabwe, and most middle eastern countries (with the notable exception of Israel) would never countenance.

So, a hearty "Happy Birthday" to Switzerland.

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