Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Starbucks closes three quarters of it's Aussie outlets.

I spent a little while in the US (Los Angeles) in the '80's, and one memory I have is that you couldn't get a decent cappuccino for love nor money (or lamb/mutton, or tea or decent beer for that matter). Something(s) I missed.

Well Starbucks has announced it is closing 3/4 of their outlets here. Leaving shops in only Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane.
"...Starbucks had failed to understand the Australian market. "Starbucks' original success had a lot to do with the fact that it introduced European coffee culture to a market that didn't have this tradition. Australia has a fantastic and rich coffee culture and companies like Starbucks really struggle to compete with that."
The president of Starbucks Asia Pacific, John Culver, admitted: "I think what we've seen is that Australia has a very sophisticated coffee culture."...". (SMH 30July08)

"...Starbucks was snubbed by many Australians, who have grown up on a diet of quality European-style coffee introduced in the last century to Australia by immigrants, especially from Italy..." (Financial Time, UK 30July08)
Actually, I have to say I didn't mind Starbucks though. A nice big mug of filtered coffee outside while you watched the world go by wasn't a bad way to have a break. (While the wife was shopping perhaps). The sad thing is the (mostly young) friendly staff who'll lose their jobs. Nothing good about this, and I wish them all collectively the best.

More coverage here.

[Update 9Aug08]: It was only after Cam quoted this piece I realised it was a little ambiguous. I visit(ed) Starbucks here in Oz - I'm not sure they even existed in LA in the '80s (I don't recall seeing them anyway).
On another note; we visited Macarthur Sq today, and the Starbucks there has indeed been one of the stores closed. Sad.

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Blogger Worldman said...

Well, I was never in favor of American beer or the way they drink coffee. What I liked about Starbucks in Switzerland was their mugs and I have a few of them.

In old days, I used to own an electric coffee machine. But I was not drinking enough coffee for it to be worthwhile and then it was also cumbersome.

So, for years, when I had to make coffee myself, I just drank Nescafé. But now, working with Italians, French and Colombians, I was made feel so miserable for doing this and I bought a BODUM coffee press and real coffee. And make my coffee everyday. And refuse to drink Nescafé. Since 6 month.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 10:29:00 pm  
Blogger pumuckl said...

starbucks isn't bad, and they have some good policies. but well, it is not as if I would miss them a lot if they disappeared.

though I have to say, in New York they are one of the few places where you actually can sit down nicely with a coffee - everything else seems to serve the motto of "on the go - go - go - run!!!"

Thursday, July 31, 2008 12:40:00 am  

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