Thursday, March 30, 2006

Australia to get C-17 Airlifters.

"Amateurs talk tactics - Professionals talk logistics". Something of a military truism.

Rome controlled much territory with a relatively few legions. Possible because they could get those legions to troublespots via the network of very good Roman roads. Airlift and sealift are the modern equivalent.

A small military force, or needed supplies, that you can get to where they're needed, beats any size force that isn't where it's needed. Australia's Hercules transports, and now, C-17s when we get them, have the same effect as those Roman roads in projecting either military power, or helping in civil emergencies - like cyclones and tsunamis.

The C-17 has an impressive factsheet. A payload of more than 170,000 lbs (77 tonnes!) means it can lift roughly 5 times what a Hercules (C130-J) can over a longer range. Welcome aboard!


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