Sunday, February 19, 2006

Clashes of culture, and ideology.

Western artists have not been afraid to insult the Christian religion. Islamic interests claim insult from the Mohammed cartoons.

What is the difference then? If free speech is more important than the Catholic church's sensibilities, why then do the Islamic world's sensibilities count for so much more.

Is it a matter of political correctness (ie, it is quite OK to insult the mainstream in your own society, but annointed minorities have different rules), or is one religion more 'trendy' than the other?

Or is it something else again? Western journalists have long championed minority interests (feminist issues, gay rights, indigenous groups, gun control - NOT of course, the interests of employed white males). To the point that is the safe, 'establishment' position. It takes no courage to mouth and tow the party line, to bully the soft targets.

Take on a hard target though, one which will threaten violence, and actually carry out that threat, that is a different matter. Gun owners, (LAFOs), have long been a favourite target of our media. But the journalists know that the good citizenry who wish to own firearms are just that, and can be demonised with impunity because thay can safely do so, AND be trendily 'correct' whilst indulging themselves.
Take a principled stand when there is danger of a real downside (ie violence being threatened or actually visited upon themselves), especially when taking on PC sacred cow issues, like multiculturalism. and a principled stand on the core requirement of a free media, free speech, is somehow nowhere to be seen.

This issue is shaping up as not just a clash of cultures, but a clash of ideologies within OUR culture.


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