Friday, February 17, 2006

Political correctness.

Over here at 'D&R' we have at least on died in the wool politically correct disciple - 'Brian'.

I have to give him credit for enthusiastically defending his ideology (and where would debate be without someone to debate with?). He helps us get into the politically correct mindset, and that is very illuminating.

He has recently locked horns with 'Centurion' and C came back with the best post reply I think I've seen on a debating forum. An extract;

"...For 30 years, your social regressive caste has had the ears of the government and the result has been race riots, raped girls, intimidation of Australians, white flight, expanding ghettoes, alarming crime rates, spiralling welfare bills, a heroin flood, reduced civil liberties, and now terrorism. How many times does an idea have to fail before people with your incredible, self deluding mindset admit that your worthy ideals are not up to scratch, and that those flawed ideals are causing intractable social problems that could have been easily avoided?..."


"...Figuring out how university artz graduate types think is why I am on this board. As for “young people”, I used to be one of those myself. I too manned the barricades at the numerous “Moratorium” anti Vietnam War demos, and after that I was swept along by my youthful idealism to denounce Apartheid and scream abuse at the Springboks. But unfortunately for the leaders of “youth culture”, who are experts at manipulating idealistic and naïve youths like me, I am an obsessive reader who could grasp that intractable human problems could not be solved by simply adhering to simplistic moral absolutes.

I had always cultivated an odd choice of reading material, and I knew dogma when it was staring me in the face. Once I figured out that I was being manipulated, I stopped believing in the trendy left wing party line and began to think for myself. I presume that Nicole reached the same point that I did, and I presume that most young people do the same thing as Nicole and me. But something went wrong with you and Bluebottle. You not only never grew out of your youthful idealism, you actually swallowed it’s dogma hook, line and sinker, and then both of you became apologists for a failed ideology...."

Read the posts here, for some good banter. Excellent stuff.


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