Sunday, September 05, 2010

Movies. Tomorrow When the War Began.

Posted a review on imdb for this movie - I really liked it. Most other reviewers did too;

..."I saw 'TWTWB' last night. Great Movie!

Based on the first book of the John Marsden series, it follows a group of teenagers who go camping for a weekend, and return home to find their country has been invaded, and their families put in a concentration camp, some of their community killed. What would you do? They fight back.

Australians inhabit a continent rich in resources and space. Both of which are in short supply in the world today, and that will become increasingly the case as the 21st century progresses. The authoritative 'Jane's Defence...' sees that rich prize as being envied by others, so the scenario is not far-fetched. The politically correct are worried, it seems, that the invaders, are non-specifically, but clearly Asian, and are worried about upsetting them. 'Well Hello' people, that is the most likely source of an attack on Australia, deal with it.

The plot was good, quite faithful to the book (as I recall - it is now almost 20 years since I read it). The dialogue let the script down a little on a couple of occasions, The lead actors were very good, the supporting ones a little less so. The photography and sets truly represent the Australian bush and a typical country town.

In parts, Stuart Beattie does a better job as scriptwriter than John Marsden in the original book. John has no military background, and it shows. He seems to suggest in the books that it would be possible to fight an invader without taking up arms. Whereas Stuart shows it is very necessary to have arms, and know how to use them. (In the 1st Act, Ellie and Homer hunt rabbits, which the group have a collective feast of - so they at least have a useful knowledge of shooting and hunting - sadly, most Australian teens are denied those experiences and skills these days).

Whether it means to or not, it asks some questions worthy of debate in Australia. Are there those who envy Australia and wish to take what we have? Who would it likely be if they did? How would we fight back?

It will inevitably be compared to 'Red Dawn'. but it is different, and that would do this, exceptional story, a great dis-service (though Red Dawn is pretty good too)".