Monday, October 05, 2009


I have received the sad news that the Brother-n-Law of one of the guys - Paul - who haunts one of the forums I do has lost his life in a flying accident. He was an Ag Pilot - a Cropduster.

Some folk inhabit a different, more dangerous and braver world than some of the rest of us.

Here is a youtube tribute to some of those frontier souls.

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Some Aussie Outback and Truckie videos.

Since Pete and others seem to like a glimpse of the Outback and the frontier souls who inhabit it, here are some links to youtube videos for you;

First we have a cab ride in a road train (starts at the beginning of the '90 mile straight' - Nullabor Plain).

Then we have a montage of road train footage. And another (Music by Slim Dusty).

And one from a European truckdriver's perspective.

Goin through the gears (that has to be late afternoon from the way the shadows are); Spicer (not as common as a RoadRanger gearbox). Here is a guy who knows his RoadRanger.

They can take a while to overtake!

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Movies we've seen - Inglourious Basterds

Went and saw ' Inglourious Basterds' a while ago.

It's not historically accurate. It IS very Tarantino, and it's definitely worth seeing.

"Superbly exagerated characters in high intensity moments. This is classic Tarantino"
Giles Hardie -SMH (Via 'Rotten Tomatoes').

4 1/2 out of 5 recommended.