Sunday, January 07, 2007

Found a NZ republican blog

I stumbled across (and I so often 'stumble' acros the most interesting things by accident rather than by conscious searching on the 'net) an interesting NZ republican site.

As you can see from my intro, I'm pro Aussie republic. But I voted AGAINST the republic model put to us in 1999. The reason was the model. Basically, it sucked - it was a step backwards in terms of representative and participatory government (in my opinion).

I'm for the direct election model. It seems a majority of my countrymen agree with me.

"...about half of all Australians want a DE republic as first preference, about three-quarters of PS republicans would be happy enough to accept a DE republic, and about two-thirds of monarchists, if they must have a republic, would prefer to be able to vote directly for the President...".

This is far from a resolved subject in this country.


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