Saturday, May 06, 2006

Serious Crime - Coming your way!

I have had a look a look at the ABS statistics for Australian 'reported' crime.
Averaged over the last few years, per100,000 people, at least 80 will be
raped, 100 robbed, 800 assaulted,(at least that because many fights,
rapes, robberies aren't reported).
Add those together then in any one year,serious crime is almost certainly
going to effect someone in your close circleof family and friends. The figures
suggest that at least one of those serious crimesWILL most likely happen
to you personally during you lifetime.

'Home Invasion'. The ABS figures (unlawful entry with intent) show there
are roughly 1,500-2,000/100,000 - ie 1 in 50 PEOPLE, but most people
live in a multiple household - about 2.7 people on av. That means it
happens to roughly 1 in 18 houses EACH year. Or to put it another way,
it will happen to someone like you every 18 years, or perhaps 4 times in
your lifetime. Or to put it yet another way, someone in your extended family
or circle much more often than that.

Putting the figures in perspective, serious crime coming YOUR way is not
so much a matter of asking 'if', but waiting, and wondering 'how often' and
once it happens the first time, knowing it's probably going to happen again.

Know what else? The trends usually show it's getting worse!

Gun control doesn't reduce crime. The Australian experience of last 10
years are proof positive of that. What it does do is give the criminal
element a degree of certainty that their victims will be defenceless prey.

Some may defend that situation, but I don't!


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