Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dignity and courage.

Following you will find THE most inspirational and selfless act I have ever seen.

What would be your life's greatest challenge? Facing the possibility of death is one version, but how about facing the certainty of one's own death. That's the biggy.

Found this via Peter's Blog (Worldman) who had found it via pumuckl (her facebook actually, which I can't easily find). I had seen the lecture thanks to my wife who watches 'Oprah' on cable.

Dr Randy Pausch is dying of pancreatic cancer. But he is not letting that disease determine how he lives. He is not only making the most of his time left, he is passing on the life-knowledge that he has gained. Selflessly and with a grace and dignity that is a fine example for us all.

He gave that 'final lecture' the talk of a lifetime. (Seems he has been asked to give it several times - which he has graciously done).

Randy has a webpage on the Carnegie Mellon University site which is well worth visiting.

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